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  • If you want to keep your car safe from vandalism or hit-and-runs while  it is parked, you may be wondering which dash cam is best fit for this purpose.
    This is our New EsiCam solution for parking camera, Most of the dash cam with park mode in the current market has little battery time which is only 1-2 hours or less, now we extend the working time to 3 months by using our innovative PIR low consumption tech.
    Parking mode allows you to keep your dash cam running while your car is parked. That way, you will have video footage in the case of a hit-and-run or vandalism incident.

    This is a versatile Camera that not only for dash cam parking mode, but also good for motorcycle dash cam, bike video recorder for Insurance evidence. Also can work as Sports DV action camera and hidden spy camera for long working time.
    It can work with GoPro camera mount to use anywhere.
    Date/time can set in time.txt file in the SD card and video length in PIR Mode can set as 10s, 20s, 30s. Video resolution can set as 1080p/720p, Loop recording/Continuous recording can set in file too. modify the time.txt files and save to sd card, then insert the card into camera to turn on and record.
  • 【Long Time Recording in PIR mode for Park Mode】Low Consumption, Only start to record when PIR Sensor detect the human/animal activity, then go to standby to save power, battery working time can be 4 months if only 10 activity was triggered each day.. suitable for parking monitoring for Car/motorbike / trailer / bus etc when the vehicle is off so you can get evidence if your car is scratched by others. video length in PIR mode can set as 10s, 20s, 30s in the time.txt files.
  • 【Continuous Recording 7 Hours in DV Mode】Battery can support record for 7 hours continuously in DV mode, each files will have 3 minutes video. Can use for dash cam, sports DV recorder, motorcycle recorder, bike video recorder for Insurance evidence. video resolution( HD 1080p or 720p) can be set in time.txt in the micro SD Card using a USB cable to computer.
  • 【Nightvision Recording】Night vision distance: 4M, PIR detection distance: 3M, can record at night.with mini size, can hide in a place for hidden recording or spy recording.( but led will flash when recording files is saved to card each time, so it is not invisible in dark)
  • 【IP68 Waterproof for Outdoor】The PCBA parts in the camera is processed with water resistance Nano coating, so it still can work in rainy days. 70 degree viewing angle, You can record any wild animal activity in PIR motion detection mode.. Also helps to capture every moment from both front and back of your car clearly , never miss the license plate.
  • 【Easy Mount with Mounting Accessories】 The tripod base plate can fit to any standard 1/4 " screw tripod and GoPro mounting kits, Bike mount is included in the package, easy mount on bike, motorcycle. and the magnetic bracket make it easy to put on Car dash board. Compatiable t GoPro Here session 4 waterproof Case for mount outdoor in rainning days .   1 Year warranty Guaranteed!

Camera Package include:
1x Dash Cam ;1x Bike/Motorbike Holder ,1x Magnetic bracket, 1x 3M sticker, 1x USB Charging cable ;1x User Manual ;
Water proof Case not included, SD card not included.

Waterproof Case Package include: 
Waterproof Case x1

EsiCam Dash Cam for Car Motorcycle Bike Parking Mode Monitoring PIR Motion Detec

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