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Social Influencer's Sharing: Why I install a surveillance camera at home?

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

many details on installation and real testing to the camera:


Why install CCTV?  Is there really a need?

So nowadays you think Singapore is very safe? If you do read the news, you will know is not really that safe in my opinion. You can google, Singapore house break-in for yourself it’s common, it can happen to anyone so don’t take safety for granted! My house was break-in before when I was 9 years old, our window along the corridor was pry open to steal our valuables near the window. It’s not exactly a break-in break-in but still the offender was not caught…… If I had install CCTV then this won’t happen..

Reason 1: It will deter the offender from committing this crime.

Reason 2: We won’t lose our valuables.

Reason 3: We can bring him to justice.

But reason number 1 is the best… It deters.. When I have CCTV, he wont commit the crime, if he did not commit, he wont be caught and I help someone by not letting him be guilty / go to jail. In other words you will help a lost sheep by not letting him do the wrong thing.

Of course even you have CCTV, you also must not show off your valuables like by putting your 1-thousand dollars diamond ring or Limited Edition Nike Shoes outside your house and depend on the CCTV. I never place my Limited Edition Asics running shoes outside the house, not that I don’t trust my CCTV, I fully trust it because you will be WOW-ed at it’s function but I can’t afford to lose it or even why must I ?! So silly meh?

My CCTV function is more to DETER than to catch… Also to catch if you disturb my house… Or my neighbour’s house. See I am a good neighbour!

There is also another reason why I need CCTV. As you know, we as bloggers often receive packages from unknown!! I swear it’s unknown.. With CCTV I will know who left it behind or sometimes like if I am not home, sponsors send items to me I can ask them leave it outside at least for 10mins or so before I reach home otherwise they make a waste trip. Some sponsored items are super big!! Like this CCTV!! And those deliver are not postman they are the owner themselves! I got 1 million and 1 reason to justify why I need a CCTV and convince Casper to install one!!! And if I don’t have a reason then why am I writing this post, right?

Even our neighbourhood Police also install CCTV and it helps them to crack numerous cases!

Not anyhow hor, the news is from CNA (Channel News Asia) reputable one ok? Don’t play play…

So there is a need for camera!!!

I am sad to say, this is in Singapore and it’s happening in my estate… Really hate to say this but well, it really happens.

I did not share on Facebook but I shared it with my personal friends aka BFF.

About a month ago, my house was almost broken-in.

My own negligence actually, I did not lock my Main Door but I did lock my Main Gate.

I was having lunch at the dining area and suddenly someone (a male) pushed open my door.

I scream at him. He ran off via the lift but I saw is a man in black t-shirt.

I dare not go out and chase him in fear what if he is armed?

Although I learnt taekwondo but my mother always tell me…..

“Don’t risk your life. I only got 1 Gerlyn.”

I was thinking I should chase after him but too bad I was too slow to unlock the main gate, shocked and I thought if I had a CCTV, he won’t have pushed the door or won’t even step near my house. But of course from now on, we increase security of my house too by remembering to lock all my doors and added Digital Lock to enhance safety features.

After visiting my good friend Felicia house (also in my estate) for makeup, I realised she too has CCTV and a walk around our estate, quite a few units have CCTV too and Police have been installing not 1 but 2 CCTV(s) at the lift lobby and even at carparks!

You know la… Police don’t anyhow waste money install stuff one.. If they do something about it.. It means probably something happened!

Right now, our estate frequently has Police doing patrol!! Woohoo!! Well let’s not speculate whether my report or my neighbour’s police report “activated” the police patrols but thanks Mr Policeman & Miss Policewoman for keeping our estate safe and sound!

At the same time I shared my incident to my friend Steven, and he helped me to liaise with iSmartlife Mall. I am very happy that they decided to engaged us to promote EsiCam Product!! Lucky me, no need to spend a single cent and I got a CCTV. So I picked HN11 out of all the other camera out there.

But first let’s do unboxing!!! I love unboxing presents!

Such a huge package. I did not expect it to be so huge! 

Casper doing the unboxing

It’s huge, he said.. He call this “dua leng gong” (hokkien) it means Big and Huge!

He said ours are even bigger than those at the lift lobby. Is it? I don’t think so!

But it’s quite heavy to lift it.

What is inside?

Basically the EsiCam HN11 Camera, Lan Cable, Antenna, Power Adapter, Huge Screw and a Manual on how to connect the camera.

As we all know there are tons of cameras out there and why EsiCam HN11?

My reasons are listed below.

Do note: The reasons given below were tried, tested and proven based on the best of my abilities. It’s not like I just anyhow quote from the website and never try it out. I  did try it and test it for this review. So this review is very reliable and authenticity level is 100%!!!! I will show proof with screenshot! Ger’z Shares is here to share good products so if it’s not good I won’t share. If it’s good but needs improvement I will also suggest it out. 

I shall now collate the good functions of this camera into 7 points.

#1 Easy Set-Up & Installation 

First step to installation is “WHERE TO INSTALL!!!”

Option Left: In between the Gate and Main Door. Option Right: Beside the Main Gate.

I picked right as I said, my purpose is to deter and not to film anyone on purpose. Hence I need it to be obvious to scare people with ill-intention off.

On the left, it’s not obvious enough although it still do it’s purpose of filming but people might not know “NOT TO COME NEAR!”

I want it to be a SCARECROW EFFECT!